Rafix - VB Connector Insert Set for MF32 Multifunctional Router Jig

Easily route the Hettich VB and Häfele Rafix connectors with the Rafix - VB connector insert and the MF32 Multifunctional Router Jig. The insert works with a 24mm copy ring and 5mm + 10mm router bits. The set includes the Rafix - VB Connector insert for the connectors and the center hole insert for the assembly screw. Rafix - VB Connector Insert has an offset of 9,5mm from the 0 mark on your base. The 9,5mm offset is the correct position for the Rafix and VB connectors. Both inserts have position mark for the correct location in the base and center marks on the side to allow positioning with marks on your workpiece.

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